Research Projects

Research-Practice Partnerships Supporting Computer Science Education


NC State's Game2Learn Lab is recruiting middle and high school teachers willing to learn new and innovative pedagogies to infuse computer science into their content areas. We’re looking for individual teachers, as well as interdisciplinary, school-based teams of 3-4 teachers to attend one week of PD, July 23 - July 27, 2018. Stipend ($750), food, and travel funds will be provided.

ENGAGE: Integrating Computer Science Into Middle School Science Classrooms with Game-Based Learning

Researchers from North Carolina State University’s Science Education Program and Computer Science Department are looking to collaborate with middle grades teachers who are interested in integrating computer science and computational thinking skills to enhance student science learning. Our NSF-funded project offers teachers two approaches to infuse these skills into their classroom environments. The Engage game-based environment affords students an introduction to computer science and programming skills in an authentic and fun learning environment. Our project also provides students and teachers with computationally rich science modeling and simulation activities on a variety of science topics. These activities afford students the opportunity to learn programming and computational thinking skills as they address several of the North Carolina Essential Science standards for grade 6-8 and incorporate principles from from the Next Generation Science Standards. Please fill out this form If you are interested in collaborating with us in the near future.

FLECKS: Fostering Collaborative Computer Science Learning with Intelligent Virtual Companions for Upper Elementary Students

The FLECKS project centers around creating collaborative computer science learning environments for upper elementary school classrooms. This NSF-funded project is looking to partner with elementary school teachers who are interested in bringing their students computer science and programming learning experiences to enhance their problem-solving and collaboration skills. If you are interested in learning more about how you and your students could become a part of this project, please fill out this form.